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Updates From Dawn

4-28-2019 09:53

Good morning all, Brian has finished this six-month session at Kennedy Krieger. We are all happy to be done as it takes a lot out of us during our time down there. It is so good for Brian to go there though as he makes wonderful progress. At the end of his post evaluation this…
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4-5-2019 20:34

Hello everyone, We have finished our first week for this semi annual session at Kennedy Krieger Institute. During Brian’s evaluation on the first day the doctor was able to see and document that he had proprioception in his ankles, meaning he knew where his ankles were in space. He had demonstrated this several years ago…
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3-8-2019. 20:11

Hello All, We are still looking for someone to help out with Brian’s therapy. I posted an ad on Craigslist and had two inquiries. However, when I reached out to them to set up interviews they did not return my calls. I am not sure what people are thinking when communications break down. If anyone…
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2-6-2019. 08:25. Job opportunity

Good morning everyone, I will wanted to let everyone know that Brian’s autonomic dysreflexia episodes are over. Once we got the medical condition cleared up, he has not had any more episodes, so that is really good. Brian’s therapy aide resigned right before the holidays to take a full-time job. Between the holidays and then…
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1-10-2019. 18:40

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post an update of what has been going on with Brian since Christmas night. He has been having episodes of autonomic dysreflexia every day with a rise in blood pressure and very bad headaches. We have been in contact with our family doctors and we were in the ER…
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1-6-2019. 14:00

January 6, 2019. 14:01 Hello Everyone, I hope everyone had a good holiday. December was a very busy month for us with a lot of changes going on. I am mainly writing now to let everyone know that Brian is going to be featured on Facebook, A Social Media live tomorrow, Monday, January 7, at…
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11-18-18. 13:45

Hello Everyone, Steve, Brian, Jennica, and I drove to Lock Haven on Friday night for the 11th annual Play for Brian.  As we were getting close to Lock Haven, Brian was getting more and more excited. He was saying to Jennica “This is where I set my bowling record, this is where we used to…
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11-12-2018. 1 9:10

 Hello everyone.  I wanted to write and let everyone know the results from our three weeks down at Kennedy Krieger Institute.  We finished up on Friday and Brian had his evaluations from both his PT and his OT. As we usually expect when we come down, the therapists were able to find progress in his…
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10-29-2018. 09:15

 Good morning Alll, We are on our way to Kennedy and I wanted to share a quick note about an activity that Brian did last week. His PT put e-stim on his arm muscles and had him doing push-ups. The stim activated his muscles allowing him to complete the push ups.  It was a pretty…
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10-23-2018. 21:20

 Hello Everyone, Today is the end of our second day at our six month Kennedy Krieger Institute visit.  Steve and I can tell that we are getting older as the days seem to go slower and last longer till we get home at night. Yesterday Brian had evaluations from both his OT and his PT.…
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