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Month: December 2017


Hello Everyone, i know we have been having some problems with people trying to log in.  I am not sure how to see who has signed up or logged in.  We will be working on the web page more after the holidays.  My web designer is out of town until then.  Please bear with me…
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12-19-17 15:13

Hello Everyone, This morning Brian spoke to the Women’s Network of York and shared his story. He had spoken to the group last year but they had many new people there today. After he had spoken they presented him with a donation to the medical fund which was totally unexpected. I teared up immediately because…
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Hello Everyone, This is my first post on our new site briankeefer.org.  I know I will have a learning curve to get through so please bear with me.  I have been slowly printing out the care pages from the last 9 years.  As I read through them as they are printing, I am reminded of…
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