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10-23-2018. 21:20

10-23-2018. 21:20

 Hello Everyone,

Today is the end of our second day at our six month Kennedy Krieger Institute visit.  Steve and I can tell that we are getting older as the days seem to go slower and last longer till we get home at night. Yesterday Brian had evaluations from both his OT and his PT. His OT found on his left side that both his pecs and his rhomboids were stronger and he had more external rotation. He had an increase of 17% in gravity eliminated elbow flexion and 1% increase in shoulder flexion. She was able to feel the serratus and the sub scapular muscles performing in order for him to have those external rotation increases. As I have said in the past every time we go to Kennedy, Brian makes a little bit more progress.   They are able to pick up the progress due to their expertise and the sensitivity of their instrumentation.

Today, Jennica, Brian’s girlfriend was able to go to KKI with us.  She was interested in seeing all the types of therapy that Brian gets.  Brian was also part of an informal presentation where the patients presented different activities that each has participated in since his spinal cord injury.  Patients talked of sailing, deep sea fishing, surfing, lacrosse, marathons, hand cycling and painting among the activities.  Brian has decided he would like to participate in some of these activities, so we may be looking into them next year.  All of the patients stressed that many volunteers came together to make sure that each participant was given the level of help needed to enjoy the activity.  As the people talked, it made me feel good to listen to the evidence of the goodness of people.  The patients all talked of how it takes a while to adjust to the new normal but stress that they were all happier when they decided to do a beloved activity or a new activity to the best of their current ability.  These people are an inspiration to me and to all who are facing an adversity.  As Brian says in his speeches, the choice is hope for tomorrow.  Please continue to pray for Brian and all who choose to move forward to the best of their ability.



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  1. Bev Peters says:

    Thank you for the update. You all were so on my mind today. I’m glad to hear of progress and the possibility of activities. I am sure the days are long. I empathize. But we also rattle the doors of heaven and beseech the loving God who walks through this with you. May you know His strength is undergirding you. May you all feel His presence daily as you keep on keeping on. May you indeed continue to believe for Brian’s healing. We pray for you every day. We ask for healing and encouragement and peace as you deal every day. May you be blessed as you all are a blessing & an inspiration. God bless you! Love Bev

  2. Candy Garver says:

    Kki is a special place for you and your family. So encouraging to read of Brian’s progress!

  3. Deb Trimmer says:

    We are always happy to hear of Brian’s progress. His positive attitude is so inspiring. We pray that, in the new year, he can enjoy an activity of his choice. Thanks for the update.
    Hugs to everyone,
    The Trimmers

  4. J S Funck says:

    Boy, did you write an upbeat update! I get lost in the medical terminology. Also like the look of your site. Appreciate this opportunity to keep in touch.

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