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Month: February 2018

2-21-2018 11:25

Hello Everyone, We still have 6 people who have signed up for the posts who have not confirmed their email addresses.  Danny has found two which were entered incorrectly so we then get them corrected.  This is why we confirm the emails.  Also, we confirm so that once they are confirmed, the people can follow…
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2-12-2018 19:08

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln, We didn’t have President’s Day when I was in school so we learned the actual date.  For some reason I have remembered the date.  Anyway,  thank you very much to all our newly signed up readers.  I see that several of you are not confirmed yet.  This is a step that…
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2-11-2018 16:36

Hello Everyone,   I have been working on the photo gallery for the past several days.  When the Care pages were working, each page was only allowed 100 pictures.  Somehow we had 147pictures, which meant we could not add any pictures after sometime in 2014. Due to a glitch in their program we could not edit…
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