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4-5-2019 20:34

4-5-2019 20:34

Hello everyone,

We have finished our first week for this semi annual session at Kennedy Krieger Institute. During Brian’s evaluation on the first day the doctor was able to see and document that he had proprioception in his ankles, meaning he knew where his ankles were in space. He had demonstrated this several years ago in his toes and ankles. It was good for her to see it. This is a good step forward. Although his progress this time was not as dramatic as some of our previous sessions, it still shows that Brian is continuing to heal which is what is important.

Both Brian’s regular OT and PT were attending conferences this past week so he had new therapists. They both worked out really well, doing a good job with him. His OT also found on evaluation that he had more degrees of external rotation in his arms and the last session. To have some fun, she hooked stim up to his hands and fingers and set up a keyboard for him to try to play. He wasn’t able to play any major songs or melodies, but it was exciting seeing his fingers and thumb being able to push down the keys. Steve has a video that he will be adding to the video gallery for you to see Brian playing.

Please continue to pray for Brian to heal and for safe travels for us as we drive back-and-forth from Baltimore every day.

Love, Dawn

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  1. Allen says:

    What super news… I am so excited to hear this news… we all believe!!

  2. Bev Peters says:

    Hallelujah to our God for His healing hand!!! We always pray for Brian with hopeful hearts. We keep you in our thoughts and prayers and await the total healing. With lots of love

  3. Candy Garver says:

    So inspiring! Best wishes!

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