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Go The Distance:
The Track Back To Recovery

Brian Keefer
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Life is about choices. Will you push every day? To fight and overcome?


Brian’s story of battling through a spinal cord injury and continuing to improve every day is fascinating.  You now have the opportunity to hear it from Brian himself. Brian’s speech, “Go the Distance,” has been well received everywhere he has given it.

He has spoken to schools, business associations, religious organizations, and a variety of medical groups. In June, he went to Washington DC to participate in “Roll on Capitol Hill,” sponsored by the United Spinal Association. He advocated for disability laws with senior legislative aides and counsel.

Brian will not only tell you all about his injury and the various types of therapy he has undergone, but more important, he will tell you about how this injury has hardly even slowed him down. He will tell you about the power of a positive attitude and hard work and he just might change your outlook on life.


If you are interested in contracting Brian to come speak to your organization, please contact Dawn for arrangements.




Inspired Audiences

Brian has inspired many who have come to hear him speak at multiple organizations, conventions and events.

Contact About Speaking Opportunities

If you are interested in contracting Brian to come speak to your organization, please fill out this contact form for arrangements.

You may also contact Dawn Keefer directly at the numbers/email address listed at the top of this page.

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    4-28-2019 09:53

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    Hello everyone, We have finished our first week for this semi annual session at Kennedy Krieger Institute. During Brian’s evaluation on the first day the doctor was able to see[…]

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    Hello All, We are still looking for someone to help out with Brian’s therapy. I posted an ad on Craigslist and had two inquiries. However, when I reached out to[…]

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