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Month: March 2018

3-14-2018. 09:36 Schwann cell trial results

Good morning All, I wanted to take a minute to let you know that there was an article on Facebook about the completion and success of the Schwann cell trial at the Miami project.  This is the trial I have been following closely because I would like to get Brian into it at some point.…
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3-5-2018 21:57 Videos added

Hello Everyone, We have added a few video clips to our new video gallery.  We are trying to slowly add a few clips that will allow all of you to see the progress Brian has made over the last nine years.  As our filming capabilities improve, we will be able to document his progress better.…
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3-1-2018 Lock Haven visit

Hello Everyone, We are back home after our trip to Lock Haven yesterday.  Although it was pouring rain all day and night, Brian had a great day being back on campus.  We had a meet and greet with the track team, and got to spend some time in the lounge that the Homemakover team had…
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