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4-28-2019 09:53

4-28-2019 09:53

Good morning all,

Brian has finished this six-month session at Kennedy Krieger. We are all happy to be done as it takes a lot out of us during our time down there. It is so good for Brian to go there though as he makes wonderful progress. At the end of his post evaluation this time he was able to move two inches further leaning to both right and left. He was also able to lean forward 1.5″ further. These are measurements of his core balance and shows his core is continuing to get stronger.

This session was especially important for Brian as he hasn’t been having as much therapy since Steve had his surgery and was not able to move Brian. The PTs and OTs put him on new machinery that really gave his muscles a good workout. His OT had him on the finger exercising machine every day in this bout of care. He was able to reach 90% flexion on his left hand and 50% on his right hand. He had 6% extension on his left and 4% on his right. His right side numbers are always lower because the area of his spinal cord that controls right side movements was more extensively damaged. Although we cannot see the movements alone, it is exciting for us to see the machine measurements of them. This means that he does have movement in all his fingers. His goal is to keep exercising them so that one day they may be strong enough to see and be functional.

It is important for us to monitor Brian’s movements in all his muscles. We then know that the electrical impulses reach all his muscles. He just has to work to increase the strength of impulses to be able to move those muscles through a range.While we were down at KKI, Brian met a newly injured individual. He is a male, about the same age as Brian. He was looking a little blue at the beginning of his time there but Brian struck up a conversation with him. As the weeks went on, they talked more frequently, and Brian explained some of the ins and outs of therapy and ways to deal with a SCI. Steve and I were also able to give his mom some information on helpful equipment and some ideas for her. By the end of our time at KKI, the guy seemed much happier and did his therapy with a smile. It was good for Brian to help another patient as people have helped us.

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter. It was good for me to be able to be in church and say a thank you to God for continuing to heal Brian and for keeping Steve and I safe in our travels and healthy enough to take care of him as he heals. Please continue to pray for Brian and all those who have major health issues. In addition to their physical problems please pray for their mental health as well. Attitude is so important to healing.

Love, Dawn

6 Responses

  1. Robyn Adams says:

    Thank you for your update. Prayers for healing.

  2. Debra Trimmer says:

    I can only imagine that Brian would have such a positive influence on this newly injured young man. I am sure that both he and his mother so appreciated the time and information you shared with them.
    May God continue to bless all of you!
    Hugs to everyone,
    The Trimmers

  3. JSF says:

    Sounds good. Keep walking the walk. I’m awaiting that smack!

  4. Carolyn Seiss says:

    I remember Brian from an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition in 2011. Does still live in that house that Ty Pennington and his team rebuilt with his family? How’s he doing today?

  5. Anabella says:

    HEllo. Yesterday I saw the TV show where they built a new house for Brian. I was very moved by the story and I wanted to know how Brian is now. I didn’t find much on the internet. I hope you have made a lot of progress since then. And that you have not lost that wonderful smile. Greetings from Italy.

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