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3-5-2018 21:57 Videos added

3-5-2018 21:57 Videos added

Hello Everyone,

We have added a few video clips to our new video gallery.  We are trying to slowly add a few clips that will allow all of you to see the progress Brian has made over the last nine years.  As our filming capabilities improve, we will be able to document his progress better.  Some of the early videos were taken with Steve’s flip phone, so the quality is not as good as with a camera or smart phone.  I will continue to add a few of the early videos as we find a few that show progress more clearly, and have enough clarity to see.  I apologize that a few will be blurry.

I now have 132 emails signed up to follow Brian.  Thank you to all of you who have signed up.  Please encourage others to sign up also.  Brian has two more speeches next week, and then he doesn’t have any more scheduled for the near future.  If anyone is looking for a speaker for any church, school, or civic group, please let me know.

I have been watching for new scientific progress but have not seen anything recently.  Please pray that the clinical trials may soon complete the next phase, and get results published so more patients can be rolled and helped.



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  1. Candy Garver says:

    Prayers for progress!

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