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3-14-2018. 09:36 Schwann cell trial results

3-14-2018. 09:36 Schwann cell trial results

Good morning All,

I wanted to take a minute to let you know that there was an article on Facebook about the completion and success of the Schwann cell trial at the Miami project.  This is the trial I have been following closely because I would like to get Brian into it at some point.  They enrolled the subacute phase previously, and now I hope they will turn their attention to chronic injuries.  I have registered Brian with their research database three years ago, and have updated it every year, so I hope he can get into the trial at some point. I am enclosing a link that Steve sent me for the update.  He said it is also on Facebook.


This week he had two speeches to present toe the PA school of Health Sciences as well as meetings for the UCP Board of Directors.  It has been a busy time.  In addition we have had to have some work done on the van and the only garage that can work on it is Rohrer bus in Duncannon.  It is quite a haul for us to get it up there and then drive another car home.  We had to leave it for two days because the repairs were extensive.  The company actually had to call the VPG company to figure out how to fix it.  It is a little scary being without transportation again, but I said we could call an ambulance if needed.  Luckily we did not need one, and we finally got the van back.

Next week we travel to Baltimore for Brian’s yearly bone density scan.  It is important to follow all of his threshold markers to make sure he is staying fit and healthy.  Please continue to pray for health for him, and for more progress in the science of Schwann cells.






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  1. Candy Garver says:

    Interesting…. my brain tumor is called a vestibular schwannoma because it originated in the Schwann cells on the 18th cranial nerve within the ear. Thanks for sharing.

  2. JSF says:

    Hope continues

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