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2-12-2018 19:08

2-12-2018 19:08

Happy Birthday Abe Lincoln,

We didn’t have President’s Day when I was in school so we learned the actual date.  For some reason I have remembered the date.  Anyway,  thank you very much to all our newly signed up readers.  I see that several of you are not confirmed yet.  This is a step that the web designer added to weed out spam.  After you sign up you should get a confirmation email to validate you email address.  Once you are confirmed, you do not need to do anything else.  I know this is a little confusing as I wasn’t sure I understood it correctly.  We had a lot of spam come through when Danny first brought up the site.  It does not seem like we have any spam emails now.  He did a great job.

I received an email today from a friend of Brian’s from Lock Haven.  He wants to look into filming Brian so we are going to get more information from him.  Brian has also been asked to participate in a survey from KKI on living with a spinal cord injury.  The survey is to questions all aspects of his life.  I think that will be very interesting.  He  has a speech with the nursing students next week and that is his favorite place to speak.

Tomorrow we see a dermatologist.  Brian has been having some reaction to the stim pads that Steve puts on all his muscles.  it started out small, but has spread to many areas of his muscles.  We had seen a dermatologist previously and he said it was just contact dermatitis.  Since it has not resolved, we want to find out whether there is another treatment rather than creams or ointments.  He has only been doing passive stim for the last week which doesn’t really help with his spasms.  I insisted that he allow his skin some time to heal.  Please pray that the doctor can give us some suggestions so he can get back to e-stim.

Don’t forget to confirm your email addresses.



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  1. Danny Parnella says:

    Hi everyone! If you never received an email to confirm your email address, please check your spam folder and if you still can’t find it (it should arrive within an hour after signing up) just try signing up again.

  2. Tim Langley says:

    We continue to pray for Brian and your family since seeing you all on Extreme Makeover. We will be praying with you and for the doctors and Brian’s appointments ahead.

  3. Teresa Fortney says:

    Hi Brian!! It’s been a long time. Glad to hear of your progress!! Love to you and your family and tell Steve Hello

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