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2-21-2018 11:25

2-21-2018 11:25

Hello Everyone,

We still have 6 people who have signed up for the posts who have not confirmed their email addresses.  Danny has found two which were entered incorrectly so we then get them corrected.  This is why we confirm the emails.  Also, we confirm so that once they are confirmed, the people can follow the posts without being kicked out as spam.  I have many readers of the care pages who have not signed up yet.  If you know of anyone, please let them know the site is up and operating.  I would love to have many more of our friends sign up,.

As an update on Brian, today he goes to get new batteries in his Myopro sleeves.  He has used them so much, the batteries wore out.  He is scheduled to deliver the first of three speeches to the nursing students tomorrow afternoon at the PA School of Health Sciences. Then give two more speeches in March.  We are traveling to KKI next Tuesday to listen to Allen Ray, CEO of Simply Home, who helped us with much of the home automation.  We always enjoy seeing our friends at KKI too.  Brian has been asked to participate in a survey that will follow SCI patients for 5 years and monitor their quality of life, socialization, recovery, medical issues, etc.  I think it will be very interesting and may help new SCI patients.  I know when Brian was injured we had no idea what direction our lives would take.

We visited the dermatologist about the problems the stim was giving Brian’s skin.  The doctor  gave Steve a gel which is used by ostomy patients who also have problems with adhesives. Steve puts it on in the morning and lets it dry.  Than he is able to apply the stim pads.  The dermatitis has cleared up very well, at least 50% better.  I hope so see it go away over the next several weeks.  This is a great relief to us, because we were worried that Brian would have to stop using it for a while.  This would causes his spasms to become more severe and would cause loss of muscle mass.  He did not want that to happen.  Thank you all for your prayers on a remedy for this problem.

I hope you all enjoy the great weather today.  Please keep praying for Brian, especially for safe traveling as we will be on the road a lot in the upcoming weeks.



3 Responses

  1. Robyn Barone says:

    Got it.

  2. Nick says:

    Thanks for the update!! Wish I could see one of Brains speeches. I’d love that. Tell him I miss his awesome butt and keep inspiring me!! Prayers and love sent

  3. Debra Trimmer says:

    So good to hear that the dermatitis has improved!!! Brian is such a “go-getter”, and we know he would not like missing his stim sessions!!! Good luck with the speeches!!!

    Hugs to everyone,
    The Trimmers

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