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2-11-2018 16:36

2-11-2018 16:36

Hello Everyone,


I have been working on the photo gallery for the past several days.  When the Care pages were working, each page was only allowed 100 pictures.  Somehow we had 147pictures, which meant we could not add any pictures after sometime in 2014. Due to a glitch in their program we could not edit or delete any pictures, so the gallery became stagnant.   I had one person who wanted to see more up to date pictures of Brian and we couldn’t help.  As I downloaded pictures to this site, I used some from the old Care pages, but I added others that no one has seen before.  I also have added newer pictures and will continue to add pictures as time passes.  In addition, this site will allow videos.  In the next week, I am going to be working with Steve and Danny to add some of the small clips we have.  This will give everyone a better look in action of the progress Brian has made over the last 9.5 years.  I hope you all enjoy the new picture gallery and video gallery.  If you know of anyone who had followed Brian’s story on the Care pages, and has not signed up for this site, tell them we are now fully operating and invite everyone to rejoin us on our journey.  We keep asking you to pray for Brian.



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  1. Mary L. Fetrow says:

    Thank you. He and your family are constantly in my prayers. I also know the Lord is working hard for Brian. Jane Lerch (she made the pockets for Brian to put on his wheelchair when your house was being made over) from my Church keeps asking about Brian and I keep her informed. Each time I read about Brian I feel something wonderful has or will happen. Keep the Faith.

  2. Robyn Adams says:

    Enjoyed the photos. Thanks for sharing! Praying for Brian and team!

  3. Alice says:

    Thanks for updating and sharing the photos. What a journey this has been for all. Can’t wait until we add the walking photo!
    Love and miss you all!

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