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1-4 18 13:16

Hello All,

I see that several of you have been able to add your email addresses.  You may receive a confirmation email from Dan Parnella, so you must confirm your email.  I have about five people who need to do that.  Otherwise, it seems to be working well.  Our next step is for Steve and I to figure out how to add pictures to the photo gallery.  I know some time ago on the Care pages, someone asked for updated pictures of Brian.  However since the care pages only allowed 100 pictures and somehow we had 147 we couldn’t add new ones.  We even tried to delete older pictures but that part of our account was frozen.  Now we will get some new pictures out.  If you know anyone who had logged in to the old carepages, please let them know that this site is up and running.  I know we will not get all 1707 original visitors, but I hope we can get all who are still interested in following Brian’s journey. Thank you for coming along with us.

4 Responses

  1. Alice says:

    Sending love and prayers for you all! I will follow Brian’s journey as long as you post!

  2. Susan (Dave Kline's sister) says:

    Dawn, I was so glad to see you and your family on Sunday. I could see changes in Brian!

    • Dawn says:

      Susan, Thank you. Those comments keep us going because it is hard to see progress day to day. It was nice to see you also.

  3. JSF says:

    Yes, do get to those pictures. Viewing the one you have posted of a very young Brian is making me feel old! This horridly cold weather is giving you a great excuse to stay indoors, stay home, and focus on “paperwork.”

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