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1-12-2018. 20:49

1-12-2018. 20:49

Hello Everyone,

Several weeks ago we had a young lady from the York Dispatch here to talk with Brian and update his story.  Tonight the article is online.  If you go to the York Dispatch site, it is the first article.  There is a video to go with the article as well as a link to Simply Home who were the people who helped with the home automation.  We really enjoyed the article.  I want to thank Lindsay and John for a great job.

Today Brian spoke to the residents at Schoolyard Square in Pine Grove.  He has three other assisted living facilities where he will be speaking in the next two weeks.  He also will be speaking to the nursing classes in February so we are hoping the weather doesn’t interfere with his schedule.

Stay safe and warm.  Please continue to pray for Brian.



2 Responses

  1. Debra Trimmer says:

    Thanks for the info!!!
    We will definitely take a look at the York Dispatch article.
    Prayers always…..
    Hugs to everyone,
    The Trimmers

  2. JSF says:

    Brian says that he owes much to his friends. I get that. He owes more to his parents. We’ve watched Steve give up whatever plans he had for life and focus on Brian, even to the point of going to college with him. We’ve watched Dawn go to bat over and over again with insurance companies in order to make sure that the costs of all of the equipment and medical care would be covered. Both lived in Oklahoma for the months that allowed Brian to coach. Both agreed to the house remodel which kept Brian out of what used to be called an institution. Both center their lives around their son. Friends are great, but did Brian ever score by getting the parents that he has. Don’t take them for granted, young man. Your friends help you with your optimism. Your parents give you the ability about which you can be optimistic.

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