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1-3-2018. 22:33

1-3-2018. 22:33

Hello Everyone,

Some of the issues we have been having with logging in seem to have been fixed by my web page guru, Dan Parnella.  If you see something from him, it is legitimate.

To quote Dan “To clear up some confusion, friends/family/readers can’t create an account, they’re just signing up with an email address to get a notification when you’ve posted something new. So anyone can comment on your posts, there’s no logging in or anything like that needed.”

Hopefully this clears up some glitches.




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  1. Mary L. Fetrow says:

    Thank you. I have been accepted. I so enjoy receiving info from you about Brain. Several people always ask about him and his progress. You are always in my prayers.

  2. Debra Trimmer says:

    Thanks, Dawn!!!
    This is great!!!
    We will certainly be checking this site for updates!!
    Hugs to everyone!!!

    The Trimmers

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