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4-23-2018 17:53

4-23-2018 17:53

Hello All,

It has been a rough week here for the Keefer household.  Brian had several of the tests his doctor ordered done on Wednesday.  We still do not have those results.  On Saturday night he was sitting outside with some of his friends by the fireplace.  He was checking his hands to make sure he didn’t get them to close to the fire, but forgot to check his legs.  He had second degree burns on his left leg.  Both legs were very red on Saturday night but Steve put some aloe on them and the redness went away on his right leg.  His left leg however blistered in many large blisters.  Because of the blisters he had to cancel his swimming sessions at KKI.  His doctor looked at his leg today before PT and said he can’t have PT until the blisters go away.  We didn’t have PT this afternoon and will not have it tomorrow.  We are off on Wednesday and are hoping that the blisters will have gone down by Thursday so we can resume his PT.

We had gotten a new controller for his mattress for his bed to help with his sleep.  This morning one of the side rails popped out a connection, so now that will have to be fixed.

Steve saw his orthopedist on Wednesday and his doctor has recommended that he have his knee replaced.  We go in this Wednesday to make arrangements for that surgery.  It is tentatively scheduled for May 31st.  It is going to take a lot of planning to deal with Brian while Steve is laid up.  His doctor said he thinks Steve will be able to handle Brian’s routines without much trouble.

Please keep our family in prayer as well deal with all of these medical problems and try to get everyone healed.  We are going to need extra attention from God over the next month.



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  1. Mary L. Fetrow says:

    More and stronger prayers will be coming your way. Things don’t always happen at the right time. You know God is always with you and will not leave. Keep the Faith.


  2. Debra Trimmer says:

    Special prayers for Brian’s blisters to heal, for his mattress controller to do its job correctly, and for Steve’s upcoming knee surgery. May God keep all of you in His good care.
    Hugs to everyone,
    The Trimmers

  3. Candy Garver says:

    So sorry to read about these new challenges. Prayers for quick healing for Brian and Steve. Hopefully the summer warmth will provide the positive energy you need to deal with all of it!

  4. Allen Ray says:

    The Keefer family is always close in my thoughts and prayers.
    All my best,

  5. Melissa Poboy says:

    I will continue to stand in prayer with you. You are so covered!

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