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Month: October 2018

10-29-2018. 09:15

 Good morning Alll, We are on our way to Kennedy and I wanted to share a quick note about an activity that Brian did last week. His PT put e-stim on his arm muscles and had him doing push-ups. The stim activated his muscles allowing him to complete the push ups.  It was a pretty…
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10-23-2018. 21:20

 Hello Everyone, Today is the end of our second day at our six month Kennedy Krieger Institute visit.  Steve and I can tell that we are getting older as the days seem to go slower and last longer till we get home at night. Yesterday Brian had evaluations from both his OT and his PT.…
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10-3-2018. 16:30

Hello Everyone, Today is Steve’s birthday so I thought that would be a good time to update all on his condition and the results of his MRI.  He saw his doctor who looked at his MRI.  The doctor feels he tore the popliteus or literal muscle.  That is why there was so much pain and…
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