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10-3-2018. 16:30

10-3-2018. 16:30

Hello Everyone,

Today is Steve’s birthday so I thought that would be a good time to update all on his condition and the results of his MRI.  He saw his doctor who looked at his MRI.  The doctor feels he tore the popliteus or literal muscle.  That is why there was so much pain and bleeding.  He couldn’t do anything for this and told Steve that it will have to heal with time.

Brian and I were babysitting for Emrys today and decided to take him to the Goldsboro Park.  He had such a good time and I was impressed at how nice the equipment was.  When my boys were little there were not as much play equipment there.  When we got home after many slides, swinging, and lots of climbing, we decided it was too nice to go inside.  I took my rocking chair out and Brian and I sat on the driveway while Emrys played.  At one point he told Brian to come with him up into the yard.  He told Brian not to be afraid and he would help him.  I was really laughing but Brian went with him.  Brian said he went into part of the yard that he hadn’t been in for 10 years.

Brian has two speeches in the next two weeks a the PA School of Health Sciences.  He always enjoys going there as the students ask lots of questions.  We start back to KKI on October 22nd so we will be tied up for a while down there.  I am looking forward to seeing what new therapies and research are being trialed.  Please pray that Brian show more progress and pray for safe travels for us as we head to Baltimore.





4 Responses

  1. Maggie Devlin says:

    I love this.

  2. Candy Garver says:

    Best wishes for all!

  3. Bridget Roun says:

    Thank you for the update Dawn. Wishing good news for Brian and healing and happy birthday wishes to Steve. I hope to see you this year at Play for Brian. It’s scheduled for Friday, November 16th. Take care!!

  4. Allen Ray says:

    How awesome to hear Brian speak about revisiting a part of the yard that has been out of reach for so long. I can just see the gleam in his eyes and wide smile on his face.
    I also know Brian’s message to the PA School of Health Sciences will be highly inspirational.
    I hope Steve had a wonderful birthday and that learning the source of his pain will allow for it to get better.
    As always, all of your family remain in my heart and in my prayers.

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