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12-19-17 15:13

12-19-17 15:13

Hello Everyone,

This morning Brian spoke to the Women’s Network of York and shared his story. He had spoken to the group last year but they had many new people there today. After he had spoken they presented him with a donation to the medical fund which was totally unexpected. I teared up immediately because of the surprise.  The speech was held at the York Outdoor Country Club which was decorated for the holidays. It was beautiful and I saw several trees that had ornaments that I would have liked to have. I was able to network work with some of the members to see about getting Brian another massage, and a  chiropractic treatment.  I also talked about getting Kayli some opportunities to network.  These group of women come together from varied occupations to network and expand their businesses.  There were bankers, sales people, travel agents, interior designers, a chiropractor and massage therapists to name just a few.  I think the organization is a wonderful way to meet others and expand your business.

Our therapy aide has changed to a different shift and is no longer able to help.  If anyone knows someone looking for three mornings a week to help with Brian’s therapy, please contact me.  The person must be able to help lift and move Brian around, which is why we have had college aged students in the past.  He is no light weight.

I have been busily baking for the last several days and have almost finished.  I think I am almost ready for Christmas.  We wish all of you the best Christmas and a wonderful holiday season.  Please pray for Brian and pray for Peace on Earth this season and those to come.



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  1. Pete and Robin Wengrenovich says:

    Merry Christmas Dawn and family. Wishing Brian a new year filled with new movements and great strides in his journey to walk again! Love to all…

    • Dawn Keefer says:

      Hi Robin,
      I am glad to see your comment. So far you have been the only one to be able to sign in. Happy New Year to you and Pete.

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