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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post on our new site briankeefer.org.  I know I will have a learning curve to get through so please bear with me.  I have been slowly printing out the care pages from the last 9 years.  As I read through them as they are printing, I am reminded of how  we have come on this journey.  Each day was a new experience, some good and some not so good.  I treasure all the comments from all of you and remember that they really helped me on those hard days. I am also reminded about how closely God walked with me during those early days.  I am reminded that even though it has been 9 years, that I still need to look for the small steps God is showing me.  I have forgotten to look closely recently and that may be why the days seem to run together without that uplifting step forward.  I need to look for the positive steps and be grateful.  Thank you for continuing to support me on this journey.  Please keep praying for Brian and for me to remember that God is there.  I just have to listen.






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