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6-24-18 7:30

6-24-18 7:30

Good morning All,

 It has been a hectic and topsy-turvy three weeks around here since my last post. In addition to the electricity going off and messing up Brian’s house settings, the motherboard in our refrigerator got zapped and so the whole refrigerator went down.  I moved as much as possible to the small refrigerator in Brian’s house and took several bags of frozen food to my sister’s chest freezer.  The part had to be ordered, so we were without the refrigerator for over a week.  It is finally fixed and I am glad to have it back.  I take a lot for granted that I don’t think about in until I have to do without.

Steve is doing very well. He ices his knee several times a day and is able to bend it over 90°. His therapist is very pleased with the progress that he is making. The bad part of his recuperation is he is still in a lot of pain and so is trying to manage the pain without taking so much medication.  He also is trying to do too much too quickly around here, but that is just his personality.

Brian’s leg has almost totally healed from his burn.  He just has two small areas still scabbed over.  He was very lucky as it could have been a lot worse.  He went to Baltimore  on Wednesday to the RTI company where he demonstrates their equipment. He was filmed for a documentary along with another patient on the use of the FES bike and how it has helped in his recovery. This show is going to be aired by Rob Lowe in about six months, so I will give you more information when I have it.  Today he is finally going to get the MRI we have been trying to get since May.

 I was working in the yard trimming bushes over the weeknd, and got bit by many gnats. I thought gnats were harmless but it turns out they can cause an allergic reaction in about 2% of the population. I am lucky enough to be in that percentage.  My face swelled up, my eyes swelled up and turned black, and I had massive bites on my legs.  I went to the doctor and was given a lot of medication to basically get me through the symptoms.  This was on Monday.  I must have inhaled one because I kept coughing, thinking I had swallowed one, but could not bring it up. The short story is that it triggered a massive full blown asthma attack.  I have not had one of those for several years.  I am having trouble breathing and am on bronchodilators round the clock.  My ribs hurts from so much coughing and wheezing, and I am not sleeping, so I am exhausted.  Our household is really  compromised right now.  I am finally starting to feel a little better after a horrendous week.  I hope things get better in the coming week.  Please keep us all in prayer as we all heal.




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  1. Candy Garver says:

    Oh my… prayers for your entire family!

  2. Mary L. Fetrow says:

    I will pray a little harder for you. ‘Everything happens in threes’ which means your family should be ‘free’ for a while. Do take care.

  3. susan liberati says:

    So very, very sorry for your terrible week, Dawn. Prayers are with you that this week will be MUCH better.

  4. Robyn Adams says:

    goodness gracious! prayers for continued healing!! Glad to hear Brian is involved with a documentary. Love & Prayers

  5. Bev Peters says:

    Oh my! Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for healing Brian’s leg and for the healing you have been doing. I beseech you, Father, for miracle healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. Raise him up, Lord, . Raise him up!!! Thank you for Steve’s recovery. Father, I ask for relief of pain, in Jesus’ Name. And Father, touch Dawn and eradicate this gnat plague in Jesus’ Name. Bring Dawn complete healthy from these pests I beseech you in Jesus’ Name.
    Bless this family, Jesus, and help them overcome these trials. Thank you that you are with them. Please wrap them in your loving arms. I thank you for hearing and answering all our prayers. In Jesus ‘s Name. Amen

  6. Alice says:

    These storms are always unsettling, but the glory of God is reflected on the other side! Prayers always.

  7. Allen Ray and all your friends at SimplyHome says:

    Oh my, I pray your guardian angels don’t get exhausted! Is there anything we can do to check out as to the technology? Let us know.

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