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6-3-2018 16:15

6-3-2018 16:15

Hello Everyone,

I finally brought Steve home from the hospital today around noon. He was supposed to be discharged on Friday and they kept him Friday night because he was unable to get his pain under control. On the pain scale of 1 to 10, his was about 15.   I thought for sure he would then come home on Saturday but he called to tell me that his blood work was not in the range that it should be and so they kept him Saturday night to bring his blood work back into normal range. I have been very fortunate that the aide has been able to fill in the extra hours and days that we were not counting on to take care of Brian.  In addition one of Brian’s friends has been coming around 6 o’clock to help him with some of his needs.

We lost our electricity last night around 4 AM and didn’t get it back until about 5:15 AM. Brian’s bed and the appliances and the security system were all alarming which of course woke me up. I had to find a flashlight to see how to turn on the alarm off. Then I was worried that Brian’s  air mattress would deflate and he will be sleeping on the springs. Luckily the mattress holds the air where it’s at so that didn’t happen. When the electricity goes off, that causes Brian’s shower to shut down.  I had to figure out which breaker it is on, and then try to reset it.  I did find the right breaker and reset the shower properly so he could take a shower this morning.  I said that now I have seen the small things that come up in an emergency, I will make a list on how to deal with each, and have it available for future reference.

Brian’s blisters have all finally scabbed over.  He is not going to have as much scarring as I thought.  That is good news.  His whole leg is looking much better, well on to full healing.  Thank you for all your prayers on his behalf.

Because I only got interrupted sleep last night, I am tired.  It is hard keeping up with the needs of both Brian and Steve.  We are going to just stay home this week so we can all recuperate.  It will be easier on Steve if we just stay in.

Thank you all for your many prayers.  I am glad Steve is finally home and his surgery appears successful and we are able to move forward.



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  1. Candy Garver says:

    Prayers for continued healing for Steve.

    • J S F says:

      Have you considered getting an emergency generator? Is that idea viable? I hear you about fatigue. I’m around. Even if you think that I can’t help onsite, I’m terrific at running errands. Milk anyone?

  2. Bev Peters says:

    Thank you for the updates. We are rejoicing with you that Steve is home and we are calling upon the mighty power of Jesus Christ and the stripes that he bore for our health and healing and we’re sending forth prayers and the word of the Lord he said in his word that he sent his word and healed us. We believe that Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever and again we call upon his healing power for Steve as well as Bryan and this time. You sure have had to figure out a lot of stuff. And making notes will make it better for the next time of course All the while hoping and praying there won’t be a next time. Keeping you all in prayers and thanking God for the healed blisters

  3. Robyn Adams says:

    Thanks for your update. Praying for you and family!

  4. Dan Ort-Patrick says:

    Your family is in our thoughts!

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