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2-6-2019. 08:25. Job opportunity

2-6-2019. 08:25. Job opportunity

Good morning everyone,

I will wanted to let everyone know that Brian’s autonomic dysreflexia episodes are over. Once we got the medical condition cleared up, he has not had any more episodes, so that is really good.

Brian’s therapy aide resigned right before the holidays to take a full-time job. Between the holidays and then trying to get Brian healthy again we have not looked for a new therapy aide. Now that everything is back to normal, I am looking for someone to serve as a therapy aide for Brian. This is a paid position and the hours are three days a week for three hours a day, usually 10 AM – 1 PM. If anyone is interested in the position or knows someone who might be interested, please get in contact with us and we can schedule an interview.

We have also heard back from the RTI company in Baltimore that the commercial that Brian made for them will be showing periodically throughout the year. Therefore you may catch a glimpse of him every now and then.

Brian has three more presentations scheduled at the PA school of health sciences and one scheduled at a conference at York Hospital. He is still available for presentations. Again get in contact with us if you are interested in having him speak to your group.

We got an update yesterday from the Spinal Cord Injury Zone. A young man with quadriplegia was given Schwann cells in a clinical trial. This was very exciting for us as this is the trial that’s most interesting to Brian. Science continues to make progress on helping people with spinal cord injuries. Please pray that the clinical trial gives insight into healing and that Brian may be part of one of these trails.



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  1. JSF says:

    Getting occasional updates is very welcomed. Change comes through little day-to-day things that we recipients don’t witness. It’s good to be reminded of the steps forward, especially when Mother Nature blasted us for a while. We need sunshine, literally and figuratively. Thanks for giving us some through this update, Dawn. Sure better than being covered by the polar vortex. I view these occasions as hints of what it’ll be like to be in God’s never-ending light and how horrible it would be to live in constant darkness. We look toward The Light. (I’m still waiting for that arm slap, Brian!)

  2. Candy Garver says:

    Clinical trial would be so great for Brian. Prayers that the right one comes along!

  3. Bev says:

    Hi Keefer family!!! We praise God those autoimmune episodes are over!!! Thank you, Jesus!!! We continue to rattle the gates of heaven for complete and total healing ASAP. Thank you for the update. We pray you will find a person to help Brian. We also pray for stamina for you and Steve. We never forget you- and neither does God❤️

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